Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get Grandma on the Internet

Today's Grandma isn't easy to pigeonhole. She could be 38 or 88. She may be working outside the home or retired. Or maybe she was a stay-at-home Mom who operated her household like a small business. After her kids began having their own kids, maybe she's helping with childcare responsibilities or helping to take care of her own parents. Maybe she is a leader of philanthropic causes or is enjoying travelling the world. Her world can be so much greater if you get Grandma on the Internet.

She may be as comfortable in the boardroom as she is leading the Girl Scouts on a camping trip. In her youth she may have been found baking a cake in Home Economics or taking an engine apart in Shop.

My point is that many of today's Grandma's may have been whatever they wanted to be. Females born in the mid twentieth century came of age during a time when old ideas were carefully scrutinized and new opportunities, unlimited. Those born between the two World Wars were raised in a time of tradition and probably followed a path similar to what their mother followed.

Regardless of when they were born, the Internet came after them. Considering that our common use of the Internet didn't begin until the mid-1990s every Grandma currently using the Internet had to learn about this exciting new form of communication and exploration. There are many Boomers and Seniors using the Net today & to those folks I say "Bravo!" But there are many more that are not.

Look around at your Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, parents and siblings who are not actively enjoying all the Internet has to offer. They might not even know what they're missing!

But you know your way around the Net and if you think about it, probably can't imagine life without it, am I right? As much fun as you have playing games, shopping, watching videos and listening to ANY music you want, don't you think they'd have fun if they knew how to get around the Net? Of course they would! Get Grandma on the Internet - TODAY!

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