Wednesday, July 25, 2012

About IT Consulting and IT Management

Onsite support that has to do with IT technical services is also available on demand and is able to deal with numerous technical problems that the clients may be facing. These services were created in order to provide high quality hands on support and help customers increase their productivity and business effectiveness.

Onsite technical support includes a wide variety of technical activities that can be provided by experienced onsite technical employees. A lot of businesses keep a different and complete technical support services division that has the responsibility of managing all the internal IT stuff. An internal IT department can also help fix many technical problems inside the organization such as a server issue, a network problem, voice over IP issues, general infrastructure problems or even communication issues. Having an IT department lets a business to continuously monitor the health of all the network appliances, thus avoid any kind of technical problems. The company can be more proactive and not only reactive. On the other hand when an organization does not have the budget to support such a technical department it can outsource this activity. There are a number of companies that deliver quality IT management solutions to suit customer's particular business requirements.

The idea of onsite IT technical support services was created in order to cover the growing customer demand for quick and productive IT services. These technical IT services cover a wide range of jobs like for example backup services, computer and server repair services, hardware or software maintenance, WEB hosting, installations and monitoring, vulnerability assessments and others. Forming and maintaining an IT technical support division may not be a realistic option for some corporations due to the lack of human resources. Outsourcing support can be a low cost solution for these companies that will let them focus on their main jobs and increase their productivity without at the same time increasing the employees.

Furthermore, organizations look for onsite IT technical support for those projects that call for careful treatment in order to guarantee the successful completion of the project before the deadline and without compromising on quality. In general the goal of the outsourced IT consulting process is to study a business's needs and then create a solution that is the most appropriate. A few companies try to create a firm's needs fit a pre-designed solution.

It really does not make any difference if a firm is working on an in-house project or an external project, onsite IT support services are extremely important for successful project delivery. This type of service provides flexibility and consistency and helps the companies finish their projects faster. Onsite IT support is an excellent choice for mission critical projects demand very high precision during execution. Information technology is increasing exponentially and became extremely important in all kinds of business engagements. This is the main reason that outsourcing IT support has become so important also and almost a necessity for all the companies. A good outsourcing support can save you a lot of time and money.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get Grandma on the Internet

Today's Grandma isn't easy to pigeonhole. She could be 38 or 88. She may be working outside the home or retired. Or maybe she was a stay-at-home Mom who operated her household like a small business. After her kids began having their own kids, maybe she's helping with childcare responsibilities or helping to take care of her own parents. Maybe she is a leader of philanthropic causes or is enjoying travelling the world. Her world can be so much greater if you get Grandma on the Internet.

She may be as comfortable in the boardroom as she is leading the Girl Scouts on a camping trip. In her youth she may have been found baking a cake in Home Economics or taking an engine apart in Shop.

My point is that many of today's Grandma's may have been whatever they wanted to be. Females born in the mid twentieth century came of age during a time when old ideas were carefully scrutinized and new opportunities, unlimited. Those born between the two World Wars were raised in a time of tradition and probably followed a path similar to what their mother followed.

Regardless of when they were born, the Internet came after them. Considering that our common use of the Internet didn't begin until the mid-1990s every Grandma currently using the Internet had to learn about this exciting new form of communication and exploration. There are many Boomers and Seniors using the Net today & to those folks I say "Bravo!" But there are many more that are not.

Look around at your Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, parents and siblings who are not actively enjoying all the Internet has to offer. They might not even know what they're missing!

But you know your way around the Net and if you think about it, probably can't imagine life without it, am I right? As much fun as you have playing games, shopping, watching videos and listening to ANY music you want, don't you think they'd have fun if they knew how to get around the Net? Of course they would! Get Grandma on the Internet - TODAY!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Email Signature - What's It For?

You may have seen those last few lines of an email, the ones that tell you all you need to know, and probably a lot more, about the sender. The email signature is one of those things that most of us just throw together without thinking what its purpose is and what we should be doing with it.

The main purpose of any signature is to communicate your contact details to the end recipient. Simple.

Any artistic styling or lyrical flourish imposed on the signature is secondary and shouldn't detract from the main goal, communication.

There is a multitude of data that could be attached to your email signature from the basic necessities such as your name and main contact number through items such as your online details (twitter, website etc) to totally superfluous items such as famous quotes, lines from favourite movies or other bits of wisdom that the sender feels the need to impart.

It is this multitude of options where most email signatures fall down, too much info, too busy in design or totally irrelevant data. What might come across as glitzy or humorous the first time can soon get irritating.

So the aim is to impart the necessary details in the fewest words or pictures, to keep it simple.

The necessary

There are only really a few details that are essential for an email signature. Name - Whether that's your full name of your first name is up to you and will depend on who it's aimed at. Your main route of contact. Most likely your daytime phone number but could be a return email address if most of your business is conducted in an online environment. The thing is about an email address is, is it necessary? They have your email address, you just sent them an email. Most people include it anyway for clarity but it's a personal choice.

The 'Should haves'

Secondary contact details such as a mobile phone number or another phone number that can be used when you're not contactable on your main number. Other routes of contact such as a fax number if you use one. The idea is to provide alternative to your main contact route not to provide every possible means for someone to contact you day or night regardless of where you are or what you're doing. Address, this is a tricky one but again only include it if someone is likely to need it so they can post something or drop in.

The superfluous

Other methods of contact or showcasing such as Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, websites. Unless these are directly useful to the recipient of the email then they're not really necessary. Clever or famous quotes or movie lines. These may help the recipient to form a view of your personality or humour but do you really want them to. Unless you're going to change it every time then it's going to become tiresome pretty quickly. A chapters worth of legalese at the end, why? Unless it's a legal requirement in the country of origin then leave it out.

The please don'ts

The only real no-no's really come down to the style and format of the signature. Keep is simple, don't use a multitude of font styles, sizes or different colours for each individual bit of information. The idea is to communicate your contact info, not give people a headache.

To re-iterate, the main purpose of an email signature is to impart the necessary information for the receiver to be able to contact you. Give them what they need and keep is simple.

Jon Tucker is a software developer specializing in business software for a variety of platforms.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Why Do Large Businesses Choose Xerox Toner And Printer Products?

Xerox is one of the oldest printing and copying machines as we know it today. It has been around for so many years that people have come to trust them and rely upon them to get all their official documentation done.

Whether you are printing large loads or smaller workloads you will be able to trust that Xerox is going to do the best job for you. It is a brand that really works hard and fast. This means that you will get all of your needs met in a short amount of time. Xerox printers are worthy of undergoing a lot of strain and can handle taking on larger orders.

This type of printer is equipped with a jam-free encoding system that prints and copies everything quickly and neatly without stopping for a paper clog internally. You can do all of your work in one day and still have time for more to add on to your to-do list if you use Xerox.

The memory inside the machine is huge too. On average they have about 500MB RAM for you to order large amounts of documents to come out at the same time. Whether you have one order or many orders from the 11 different systems that can all hook up to their wire Ethernet system at one time you can get your job or jobs done quickly.

With an averaged out 50,000 page monthly duty cycle for most machines you can achieve all of your goals and then some.

Xerox toner lasts for a while too. It is one of the brands that focuses their products around mass production so you can get major orders done like large contracts, presentations, lots of worksheets and more things like that.

The toner cartridges need to be replaced all at one time. This cartridge allows you to work on monochrome black and white printing if the color runs out of the color printers mid-order so you don't miss any work.

Whatever the case is, this brand is mostly used for the dirty work. The large workloads match up perfectly with the durable giant machines.

Xerox goes for multifunctional printing as well. You can scan, fax and copy while you're at it and the printer allows you to do multiple functions at one time.

The Xerox Phaser 8560MFP/D Color printing series is network ready with automatic duplexing abilities. This printer can print the first print in 10 seconds and has a monthly duty cycle of 60,000 pages. It scans on a nice resolution level of 600 x 600 dpi and faxes up to 33.6Kbps.

There is nothing that Xerox can't do for a large business. They really try to do everything they can to make your business easier for you.

What's a Run Time Error in My Browser, and How Do I Fix It?

Troubleshooting something unknown is quite absurd much more when it involves computer and technology. For this, diagnosing the problem is necessary. Computers and web browsers often get into trouble while in the middle of its operation. Having inadequate knowledge in troubleshooting will only produce horrible outcome.

Computers and browsers vary, thus, the problems affecting them also differ. Nevertheless, run time error is the common problems most browsers endure. Fixing this error is taxing if users have no idea what it is. Therefore, before attempting to troubleshoot the problem it is essential to have adequate knowledge.

Runtime is a set of code libraries generated by an application when users execute its use. These errors often occur when these code libraries are unavailable or perhaps corrupted, causing the applications to crash. For this, users will receive a crash report or error notifications will pop-up on the screen depending on the browsers used.

Run time errors come in two types: the Server-side and the Client-side. Client-side run time errors, often occur when code libraries are unavailable during the execution of a certain application installed in the user's PC. Server-side runtime errors, however, come from a certain programming generated from a remote host such as websites.

When these errors occur, notification on the screen will appear. For this, users need to make some changes on the browser's settings to ensure the program will run smoothly. Take note, web browsers vary, thus, procedures of fixing runtime error also differs. Each browser has its own way of troubleshooting these errors; thus, users need to identify their browser first.

For Internet Explorer, error notifications always appear on the screen every time runtime errors occur. In fixing this, users must click the Tools tab. Once it is open search for the Internet Options tab and then click. An Internet Option dialogue box will pop-up, look for the Advanced Tab and click it. Several check boxes will appear which contain various functions of Internet Explorer.

When debugging options appear, users need to check on the desired settings they choose whether they will debug Internet Explorer or other browsers, next is to uncheck the box with Display a notification about every script error. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted browsing using Internet Explorer is to click Apply then, OK for the activation of the new settings.

The above-mentioned simple steps will help users get rid of runtime error in their browsers, especially Internet Explorer users. However, to solve the entire runtime issue, users need to apply runtime fix on their computer to solve this problem completely.

Run time error is very common among computers and web browser problems. Needless to say, without adequate knowledge in troubleshooting it will result to more serious issues. For this users must at least equip themselves with the basic web browser troubleshooting steps.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Virtual Is the New Real!

Cisco Tele Presence needs no introduction as its programs and software is helping us transform our business and enabling business houses to make fast decisions. Cisco Tele Presence system should be installed by experienced integrator and any kind of problem in conferencing is resolved immediately with a 24x7 support team. There are different kinds of Cisco Tele Presence system designed for different needs. The 3210 system can accommodate large group meetings with the ability to host up to 18 participants. Similarly Cisco 3200 Tele Presence System can also host up to 18 participants and is meant for large meetings and has superior quality video and audio and the face to face meeting experience is very real.

Cisco 3010 system is ideal for 6 people and can connect over 48 locations, this system is popular for optimizing supply chain management and is also popular in media and for interviews and debates. System 3000 is another variety where a max of 6 people can join at one location and other six can join virtually from different location, hence a total of 12 people can be included in a conference and is ideal for press briefings, or for any address by the CEO of the company or general group meetings.

Cisco 1100 can accommodate 1-2 participants on a virtual table with a 65 inch plasma screen and with ultra high-definition camera, speaker and microphone and can enhance your media experience. This system can accommodate a maximum of 2 participants on each side in over 48 locations and comes with a 65 inch plasma screen display for real meeting experience across a virtual table. It comes with efficient sound system and camera for a rich media display. Cisco 500 is a smaller variation of its other advanced siblings and this one is appropriate for one to one virtual meeting and creates a face to face Tele presence system.

MX 20 is another model which is helpful for everyday team visual and virtual communication. This can be very motivating for teams and people working at remote locations getting a boost from their chairman or CEO. EX60 is another great Tele Presence system and with touch sensitive interface. Colleagues on different floors hallways or probably in different time zones can all work and participate in integrated meetings for the benefit of the company as a whole and also for improving individual and team performance and it's a great way to compare and discuss team performance globally.

Cisco Tele Presence is a sophisticated system and the advanced system are quite expensive but is very efficient tool of communication in corporate sectors; it's a great way to conduct meetings and these virtual meetings look very real and aid in problem solving and taking vital and urgent decisions.