Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Virtual Is the New Real!

Cisco Tele Presence needs no introduction as its programs and software is helping us transform our business and enabling business houses to make fast decisions. Cisco Tele Presence system should be installed by experienced integrator and any kind of problem in conferencing is resolved immediately with a 24x7 support team. There are different kinds of Cisco Tele Presence system designed for different needs. The 3210 system can accommodate large group meetings with the ability to host up to 18 participants. Similarly Cisco 3200 Tele Presence System can also host up to 18 participants and is meant for large meetings and has superior quality video and audio and the face to face meeting experience is very real.

Cisco 3010 system is ideal for 6 people and can connect over 48 locations, this system is popular for optimizing supply chain management and is also popular in media and for interviews and debates. System 3000 is another variety where a max of 6 people can join at one location and other six can join virtually from different location, hence a total of 12 people can be included in a conference and is ideal for press briefings, or for any address by the CEO of the company or general group meetings.

Cisco 1100 can accommodate 1-2 participants on a virtual table with a 65 inch plasma screen and with ultra high-definition camera, speaker and microphone and can enhance your media experience. This system can accommodate a maximum of 2 participants on each side in over 48 locations and comes with a 65 inch plasma screen display for real meeting experience across a virtual table. It comes with efficient sound system and camera for a rich media display. Cisco 500 is a smaller variation of its other advanced siblings and this one is appropriate for one to one virtual meeting and creates a face to face Tele presence system.

MX 20 is another model which is helpful for everyday team visual and virtual communication. This can be very motivating for teams and people working at remote locations getting a boost from their chairman or CEO. EX60 is another great Tele Presence system and with touch sensitive interface. Colleagues on different floors hallways or probably in different time zones can all work and participate in integrated meetings for the benefit of the company as a whole and also for improving individual and team performance and it's a great way to compare and discuss team performance globally.

Cisco Tele Presence is a sophisticated system and the advanced system are quite expensive but is very efficient tool of communication in corporate sectors; it's a great way to conduct meetings and these virtual meetings look very real and aid in problem solving and taking vital and urgent decisions.

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